Transitional Living Homes for Women

Our loving sober living house is pet friendly with plenty of different spaces for our community to connect and socialize or have some quiet time to themselves. Residents may not have to pay for utilities at all, making housing very affordable. Sober living houses are alcohol and drug-free environments where residents can establish or maintain their sobriety. Through peer support, proven recovery principles, peer empowerment, and individual responsibility, residents can solidify their sobriety and prepare to return home or live independently. In our comprehensive guide, we share the truth about sober living homes, including what it is like living in a sober house and how it factors into the long-term recovery process.

  • Many women have problems that they might find difficult freely discussing with men.
  • Come join us at one of our beautiful Los Angeles sober living homes.
  • The sacrifice and care you have devoted to making this house so special and assisting all of us achieve sobriety, as well as dignity, are ever-present.
  • We strive for the quickest response time possible and know the urgency for you to find answers.

Sponsorship comes in many forms from donating financially to the house which will go toward utilities and general house upkeep. Contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and ways to get our message to your friends and family. A Light Unto My Path Sober Housing for Women, will offer a bridge from where they were to where they want to be, healed and whole again to a life they had once abandoned. If you or someone you know needs help navigating the road to recovery in Los Angeles, New York, or Houston, get in touch with one of our confidential Admission Specialists. Our Admission Specialists have walked in your shoes and are here to help. Please use our extensive knowledge of the treatment industry to find the right program for you.

Let’s make our community a better place!

The women of our women’s sober homes have a unique opportunity to work on themselves in recovery, but also enjoy a life of celebration and fun with other women who accept and support them. Transcend is evolving the recovery approach, especially within our sober living houses for women. At Transcend, we welcome every woman to join a sisterhood and embolden her to achieve a life reimagined.

So many women find that they need additional support, and without it, they are much more likely to relapse back into their substance abuse disorders. Continue your recovery journey in our women’s sober living homes in Denver. Our inaugural location in the South Denver Suburb of Centennial is located a short distance from many local business, spiritual centers, support groups, and activities. Gender-specific sober living for women are another common variety of sober living home that addresses the unique needs of women in addiction recovery.

our sober living program

Ethos Structured Sober Living is an all male community in recovery located in the heart of West Los Angeles. Our primary purpose is to foster long-term sobriety halfway house through the cultivation of accountability, camaraderie, & character development. If they leave too early, their chances of relapsing increase significantly.

When I began my journey I fought the idea of being in a halfway house, not knowing that it would change my entire life. When I met Randi and toured dignity house I felt sense of ease and comfort.


My self-esteem and confidence is at one of its highest peaks and I love myself today. I am happy and very blessed and would not possess any of these qualities if I had never followed through with the decision to remain sober. I believe I never would have learned to remain sober if I never made the decision to be part of Dignity House.

  • My life today is incredible, and for me, I believe it started when I stepped off the plane and into the open arms of Randi and Poe at Dignity House.
  • This includes goal setting and follow-up meetings, familial communication techniques, attending treatment programs, and even trauma coping strategies.
  • We offer recovery coaching services weekly at no cost to the clients with Certified Peer Recovery Coaches.
  • With fewer distractions, you’ll be better able to cope with cravings, stick to your goals, and ultimately stay clean.
  • A Light Unto My Path Sober Housing for Women, will offer a bridge from where they were to where they want to be, healed and whole again to a life they had once abandoned.

Intervention Americaalso lists sober living homes in a large directory. You can even search for specific subtypes, including sober living homes for men. The idea of “sober fun” can seem intimidating or even absurd to someone new to sobriety. While there may sometimes be triggers related to drugs and alcohol, making use of the “HALT” strategy can be beneficial. This involves asking yourself if you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired before making any impulsive decision. These homes include, women only, women with children, and co-ed sober homes.

Sober Living Homes for Women

As people with the disease of addiction we spend a lot of time changing and modifying our goals and dreams to accommodate our behavior. Recovery allows us to change and modify our behavior to accommodate our goals and our dreams. Our primary goal is to help residents focus on recovery as a way of life. We are based on a strategy of accountability to structure, accepting guidance from staff and cultivating healthy relationships with women, learning to ask for and accept help.

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